Born and raised in Gloucestershire, Senior Photographer Jemma was lucky enough to have one of the most beautiful locations right on her doorstep. Her work takes her all over the country and she relishes every job, whether that’s 5 minutes down the road or 5 hours on a motorway!

She has a number of years experience both behind and in front of the camera and knows how important it is to capture that special moment.

She has worked for the BBC, ITV and Sky and has had her work published in several National Newspapers and as such, she takes a great deal of care to ensure that all of her work is of the highest standard.

There are a number of different packages available from Doxey Creative to suit all requirements. Whether it’s a Wedding, Pregnancy, Birthday or community Event, we have a competitive price and years of experience to offer.

Please do get in touch as it might not be as expensive as you think and there is no charge for a quote!